ITALY AGA CERAMICA意大利伊加瓷砖(简称AGA),成立于意大利著名的陶瓷之都——MODENA。其前身是1949年成立的一家专业瓷砖设计公司,致力于把来自其它领域的设计灵感充分运用到瓷砖的设计中。在吸取意大利和西班牙瓷砖的特点的同时,更加兼顾瓷砖的材料、结构、形态、色彩、表面加工及装饰等多方面的市场需求,并推进了业界个性化、多元化、高档化的瓷砖设计时代的来临。

1996年,AGA与意大利Aurelia品牌联姻,在公司战略上重新定位,全面整合设计、技术与制造,正式推出自有品牌瓷砖ITALY AGA CERAMICA,其产品定位于时尚奢华和高中端瓷釉砖市场,以适应客户和市场的需求。经过十多年的高速发展,AGA瓷砖以永不退色的价值品位,成为世界各地尊尚人士追捧品牌。

2007年,ITALY AGA CERAMICA正式布局中国市场,并一直专注于整合欧洲精品瓷砖为经营方向,奉行“欧洲品质传递者”的服务精神,为中国的消费者带来最具欧洲品质的瓷砖精品同时,也为我们赢得了众多经销商和消费者的青睐和热捧。

2017年,随着ITALY AGA CERAMICA进入中国10年之际,以及中国高端细分市场的日趋成熟,ITALY AGA CERAMICA顺势而为正式升级成为伊加国际平台并重磅推出两大高端瓷砖品牌——AGA CASA伊加家居和ITALY AGA CERAMICA意大利伊加瓷砖,其中AGA CASA伊加家居品牌是专注于欧洲精品进口瓷砖的整合运营,目前已经取得了意大利LAMINAMARIOSTEAASTOR&EDIMAX和西班牙GRESPANIASALONIMAINZU等多家欧洲知名瓷砖制造商的中国运营权。ITALY AGA CERAMICA意大利伊加瓷砖是“欧洲同步”为品牌精神,专注于欧洲品质和欧洲设计为品牌核心的中高端瓷砖市场运营。2018年,ITALY AGA CERAMICA意大利伊加瓷砖与意大利顶端设计机构——NITIDA集团达成长期战略合作,在中国瓷砖消费市场调研中为ITALY AGA CERAMICA意大利伊加瓷砖量身打造了数百款欧洲潮流花色设计和产品。


 ITALY AGA Ceramics Co., Ltd. (AGA) was established in ——MODENA, Italy's famous ceramics capital.  Its predecessor was a professional ceramic tile design company established in 1949, dedicated to fully applying design inspiration from other fields to ceramic tile design.  While absorbing the characteristics of Italian and Spanish ceramic tiles, it also gives more consideration to the requirements of materials, structure, shape, color, surface processing and decoration of ceramic tiles, and promotes the coming of personalized, diversified and upscale ceramic tile design era in the industry.

In 1996, AGA and Aurelia joined forces, repositioned their company strategically, fully integrated design, technology and manufacturing, and officially launched their own brand tile ITALY AGA CERAMICA. The products are positioned in the market of fashionable luxury and high-end glazed tiles to meet the needs of customers and the market.  After more than ten years of rapid development, AGA ceramic tile has become a popular brand for respected people all over the world with its never fading value.

In 2007,ITALY AGA CERAMICA officially entered the chinese market.  We have been focusing on integrating European top-quality furniture as our business direction and pursuing the service spirit of "European quality transmitter" to bring the most European top-quality ceramic tile products to Chinese consumers. At the same time, we have won the favor and admiration of many dealers and consumers.

As ITALY AGA CERAMICA entered China 10 years ago, the Chinese market is maturing day by day. ITALY AGA CERAMICA has officially upgraded to become the international platform of AGA, recreating the two high-end brands of AGA CASA AGA Home and ITALY AGA CERAMICA ITALY AGA Tile, which are carried out simultaneously from five aspects: brand upgrade, product upgrade, design upgrade, operation upgrade and mode upgrade.  It also heralds the official start of the next decade's major strategic plan for the AGA platform, laying a solid foundation for the AGA platform to once again realize a comprehensive leap in the Chinese market.

In the future,AGA International Platform will continue to take "European heritage, European genes, European design, and European quality" as its brand strategic goal, and will always adhere to the perfect integration of representative European quality ceramic tile products with the diversified needs of Chinese users, further enrich the decoration needs of terminals and users, and introduce the model of China's high-end consumption trend.